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Parisian designer and sculptor Alix D. Reynis is once again inspired by the history of France for the newest chapter in her tableware collection: Orsini.

These exceptional porcelain pieces, accented with gold fillet and dotted with colorful birds and butterflies, pay homage to the heritage and technique of pietra dura, inspired by one object in particular: the great Orsini table.


Our Bonaparte sconce was born of a quest for the ideal wall lamp, designed to bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your home. Imagined by our passionate designer, this sconce embodies the perfect union of solid brass and porcelain, for a result as delicate as it is versatile. Porcelain, hand-crafted by artisans in Limoges, gives the lampshade a unique luminosity and transparency unmatched by any other material. 

With its timeless design and artisanal craftsmanship, our Bonaparte wall lamp will bring a touch of poetry and refinement to your home, for many years to come.


Discover our porcelain pieces that evoke with nostalgia the kitchens of the past.


the know-how

Alix D. Reynis perpetuates a know-how and defends the authenticity of craftsmanship. Ancestral techniques of porcelain casting, porcelain hand-setting, jewellery hand-carving, precious stone hand engraving... Alix D. Reynis is committed to perpetuating the know-how of our ancestors by updating traditional techniques and using natural ingredients.

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the personalization

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the jewelry


A first name, initials, a city, a sweet word, a symbol... The possibilities for personalising our Limoges porcelain with fine gold lettering are numerous and timeless. Added to a wedding list, the elegant personalisation of our porcelain tableware with your initials will help to perpetuate the family tradition.

For a bespoke monogram, choose your initials from the models in the 18th-century ornamentalist Jean-Henri Prosper Pouget's dictionary of ornate letters. The monograms are made with a pen or brush, for a fine and delicate rendering that will make your object unique.

alix d. reynis

Strong in her ambitions, creative and patient, the aesthete Alix D. Reynis became a model maker, a latent passion for a craft to which she had previously been introduced. This professional change came after the birth of her fourth child, like a realisation for the self-taught law student. Alix devoted herself to sculpture for five years before returning to the notary's office. Meanwhile, by chance, she found a job as a site manager. The creator then oscillates between two careers, one of the heart and the other of the mind.

In 2011, she took the plunge and created her eponymous brand. A way of shaking up the professional landscape she had been given and embracing a career that made sense, the legitimate joy of working with her hands.

the shops

After opening her first boutique in the Marais in 2016, the designer plans to open a second Parisian boutique-atelier in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in 2018. At the beginning of 2021, the brand will move permanently to Le Bon Marché.

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