jewellery after sales service

When you purchase your jewelry, we will provide you with a certificate of authenticity attesting to its origin and date of purchase.

Our silver-gilt jewelry, whether new or archived, is guaranteed for 6 months against abnormal wear or breakage. Simple re-gilding is not included in this warranty. As silver is a soft metal, it's not advisable to constantly tighten and retighten your bangle, as this can break it.

To benefit from this guarantee, you must bring the certificate of authenticity with the date of purchase. Without it, the warranty will not apply.

We advise you to return the piece to the boutique where it was purchased, or to contact our online after-sales service at if the jewel was purchased on our website, or with your retailer if it was purchased from one of them. Depending on our stocks, the part will either be exchanged or repaired (please allow 2 months for repairs). For all other requests to repair your jewels more than 6 months after purchase, here is an indicative table of prices for their repair and re-gilding.

NB: Patina can fade over time, and is considered natural wear. How quickly it disappears depends on how the jewel is cared for (see our care instructions for vermeil jewels).

For after-sales service on our gold jewelry, please contact us at