Certificate of Authenticity

All our jewelry is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, stating the precious metal content and the name of the stones used.

Silver-gilt jewelry:

To keep your silver-gilt jewelry in perfect condition, it is advisable to take it off before: washing your hands, showering, bathing, exercising or going to bed. Sweat, seawater, chlorine, creams, perfumes and hydro-alcoholic gel can all affect the condition of your jewelry. However, silver-gilt loves to be worn and will sparkle even more. Leaving jewelry in its box can cause it to oxidise due to its silver core (like silverware). However, if you do wish to store it, it is important to do so in a place that is protected from moisture (preferably a small zip-lock bag). If the silver-gilt becomes tarnish or oxidised, it can be restored to its original lustre with the small chamois that comes with the jewel. It is always advisable to polish your jewelry regularly with a chamois in order to maintain its shine and prevent oxidation.

Gold jewellery:

Gold is an unchanging material that does not require any particular care, you can wear your jewellery day and night, as well as during your swim or sports activities.

The Limoges porcelain guarantee

All our Limoges porcelain pieces are stamped with the green of chrome, guaranteeing their complete manufacture in a Limoges factory.

The porcelain:

As porcelain is a non-porous material, you can clean your porcelain items simply with a sponge, soap and hot water. All our pieces are also dishwasher-, microwaves- and oven-safe. Please take care when loading your dishwasher.