For several years now, our Maison has been offering a made-to-measure service, giving you the opportunity to carry out two types of personalization: have your monogram hand-painted, or personalize our iconic gold lettering in the typographer's style.

This made-to-measure service is available in our Paris boutiques and on our e-shop on a selection of pieces with a completion time of between 3 and 4 weeks.


A monogram is an emblem that combines one or more intertwined letters, usually initials. At Alix D. Reynis, it is painted in blue or gold, by hand with a brush or pen, and is made according to the models established in the 18th century by the ornamentalist Jean-Henri Prosper Pouget.
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1 letter : 25 €

2 letters : 35 

3 letters : 45 €


Inscribe the symbol, word or first name of your choice in fine gold lettering on a porcelain piece.


Symboles (heart) : 10 €

Initials : 12 €

Name (16 letters max) : 25 €

On enamelled plaques, the inscription in black capitals, 9 letters maximum: 25 €

Compound or non-standard first names: €35 on request

Typography on plates
Personalize our decoration pieces
Personalize our jewelry boxes


For any other large-scale personalization project on your Alix D. Reynis tableware, we would be delighted to discuss it with you by e-mail, telephone or during an in-store appointment.

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Tailor-made monogram in midnight blue
the art of porcelain painting
Tailor-made monogram in gold