Hand-painted monogram
gold or midnight blue monogram

For several years now, our company has been offering a tailor-made personalization service, allowing you to choose between two types of personalisation: hand-painting your monogram or engraving the letters one by one in fine gold.

Decorating porcelain is an art that only a few people have mastered to perfection. Your monogram, hand-painted with a pen or brush, will be based on the interlaced figures created in the 18th century by the ornamentalist Jean-Henri Prosper Pouget.

Whether you choose to have your coat of arms painted on one or more pieces of crockery, these unique objects will become part of your history and will help to perpetuate the family tradition.

This highly personalised service is available in our Parisian boutiques and on our e-shop for a selection of pieces. For further information, please contact our boutiques or the customer service.

Personalization, whether of a monogram or typography, is an art that takes time. It's done by hand by our porcelain decorator, and then requires additional firing in a special kiln. This is why the overall lead time for this service is one month, excluding delivery.

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