La Maison française des cires is a house of master candlemakers, heir to a unique and secular family know-how for four generations, guardian of the traditions, values and production techniques of candlemakers, some of which are no longer used today, in the great tradition of "handmade".

Each of our waxes, whether mineral or vegetable, is of the highest food quality and our wicks are made of pure cotton. Each of the materials that make up our waxes has been rigorously tested, selected and chosen specifically for each fragrance. The unique blend of wax, the 'paste', is developed specifically for each fragrance so that it can express itself with precision and balance.

The timbales of our candles benefit from our porcelain expertise. Like all our porcelain objects, the plaster or clay models of our timbales are sculpted and engraved by hand in our workshop in Paris. From this shape, we create a mold which is sent to Limoges to a family-run factory where all timbales are then produced using traditional techniques.

Enameling a candle timbal
The candle Hermione and its box
Reuse of candle jars
Reuse of candle timbal