With her ambition, creativity and patience, the aesthete Alix D. Reynis became a model maker, a latent passion for a craft she had started earlier. This professional change came after the birth of her fourth child, as a realisation for this self-taught person who had studied law. Alix devoted herself to sculpture for five years before returning to her work as a notary. In the meantime, by chance, she found a job as a site manager. The creator then oscillated between two careers, one of the heart and the other of the mind.

It was in 2011 that she made a definitive change and created her eponymous brand. It was a way of shaking up the professional landscape that was presented to her and embracing a career that made sense, the legitimate joy of making with her own hands. From the basement of her house, she conceived and baked her first plateslightings and a few scented candles. Then she went from being a sculptor to a model maker, delegating production to a family factory in Limoges: she now designs each piece in her workshop in Rue Jacob, making the models and moulds and sending them to Limoges for production.

When you are an artisan, you like to diversify, to try new challenges, and so in 2015 she launched her first jewelry collection. The design is similar to that of porcelain: she models a piece of jewelry in wax and then reworks it in metal to make prototypes of vermeil or gold jewelry.

alix d reynis designer and artisan