Alix Depondt-Reynis has given her house its name, its soul and its history. In her collections, as in her in-house boutiques, we find the elegance of her mother, the apparent wisdom of her childhood and the inventiveness of her destiny as a free and passionate woman.

Alix D. Reynis invites you to live in a world where sculpture is part of everyday life. From the kitchen to the boudoir, she reinvents 18th-century porcelain, drawing inspiration from medieval ornaments and Tuscan vases. In this happy profusion, she seeks out the soul of the objects of yesteryear.

A Parisian from the Left Bank, Alix Depondt-Reynis loves culture when it's shared around a banquet. Architecture when it's inhabited. Refinement in simplicity. As a sculptor, Alix Depondt-Reynis sees the world through her fingertips. Volumes before features. Beauty when you can touch it.

Since the creation of her company, Alix Depondt-Reynis' craftsmen have been working in Limoges to create her poetic porcelain. Together, their hands sublimate the material without artifice. The purity of white. The delicacy of line. The naturalness of use. The demands of French manufacturing. So that objects last and are passed on.