Maintaining your silver-gilt jewelry:

To keep your silver-gilt jewelry in perfect condition, it is recommended to take care of them and remove them before: washing your hands, showering, swimming, exercising or going to bed. Sweat, saltwater, chlorine, creams, perfumes, and hand sanitizers can alter the condition of your jewelrySilver-gilt, however, likes to be worn and it will shine even more. Leaving the jewelry in their box could lead to oxidation due to their silver core (like silverware). However, if you wish to store them, it is important to do so in a place away from moisture (preferably in a small zippered bag).

If the silver-gilt were to tarnish or oxidize a bit, it is possible to restore its shine with the small chamois cloth that is provided with the purchase of the jewelry. Polishing the jewelry with the chamois cloth is recommended regularly so that your jewelry retains its shine and avoids oxidation.

Maintaining your gold jewelry:

Gold is an unalterable material that does not require any special maintenance. You can wear your jewelry day and night as well as during your swimming or sports activities

Choosing your ring size:

Inside diameter: Take an existing ring that fits your finger and measure the inside diameter.
Finger circumference: Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your finger.
If you don't have one, use a piece of paper or string, no thicker than 0.5 mm, and measure the length of the paper/string with a ruler.
Use the table below to compare your measurements in mm.