Alix draws her inspiration from ancient ornaments, oriental ornaments and religious symbols to create collections that are as sensitive as they are contemporary. So it's no coincidence to recognize elements and details that have inspired her porcelain objects.

The jewels, in vermeil and gold, are hand-drawn and worked like sculptures in Paris. Starting with a small, meticulously sculpted wax piece, Alix then reworks the model drawn in metal to imagine each piece. Once the harmony has been found, a mold is made from which the silver or gold proofs are produced. On these precious metal proofs, the jeweler' s job is to file the cast jets, braze the rings and primers, set the stones and polish the pieces.

The Maison's iconic antique medals are essential. They come in necklaces, rings, buckles and bracelets. The fine stones that sometimes adorn these jewels add a splash of color.

Most of our jewelry is made in vermeil (silver plated with 5 microns of 18-carat gold), and on request, each piece can be made in 18-carat gold (750/1000th). Some of our pieces are set with precious or semi-precious stones.



We now offer a personalization service for your Intailles, our jewelry pieces adorned with intaglio engraved gemstones. You can choose the color of the stone and the design to decorate it from among the existing proposals. We also offer the possibility, by appointment, of having your own design or coat-of-arms created and engraved by our glypticians. This service is available exclusively by appointment at our boutique atelier at 22, rue Jacob in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, or via our website by email or telephone:
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Customization prices Changing the stone or design with an existing one: on quotation

Creation of your own design or coat-of-arms: on quotation


Our Empreinte medals have been directly inspired by our Intailles collection: negatives of their motifs have been made so that the finesse of the engraving appears in relief, as opposed to the recessed engraving of the original Intailles. Our 18-carat gold medals can be personalized with the initials of your choice, a precious gift to seal bonds of love or filial ties. Personalization can be carried out within one month of ordering.

Personalization prices

Made-to-measure medal: €650