Alix draws inspiration from ancient jewellery, oriental ornaments and religious symbols to create collections that are both sensitive and contemporary. It is therefore not surprising to find elements and details that have inspired her porcelain objects.

The vermeil and gold jewellery is hand-drawn and worked like a sculpture in Paris. Starting with a small, meticulously sculpted wax model, Alix then reworks the model drawn in metal to imagine each piece. Once the harmony is found, a mould is made from which silver or gold samples are taken. On these precious metal samples, the jeweller files the casting nozzles, brazes the rings and fittings, sets the stones and polishes the pieces.

The antique medals, symbol of the Maison, are indispensable. They are used in necklacesringsearrings and bracelets. The fine stones that sometimes adorn these pieces of jewellery give them a colourful brilliance.

Our jewellery is mostly made of vermeil (silver plated with 5 microns of 18 carat gold) and on request each piece can be made of 18 carat gold (750/1000). Some of our pieces are set with fine or precious stones.

Wax sculpture
Work of the protoype
Silver prints
Silver prints
The finished jewel