Scented candle Trèfle Incarnat - Floral notes 50h

€52 €75 -30%
€52 €75 -30%

Limoges porcelain container, with a glazed finish, embossed with a design of clovers - 50 hours of burning time.

Note: Vetiver - Lily of the Valley - Tree Moss

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Winter still lingers, carrying its balsamic scents. Yet, after the rain, nature suddenly reveals spring scents. Hyacinth finds its place among the clovers, which tousle along the edge of the path. In the undergrowth, one walks on tiptoes on a carpet of moss from which the first sprigs of lily-of-the-valley emerge. The perfumes are crafted in Grasse. Directions for use: to ensure that the candle burns evenly, it is recommended to let the wax melt to the edges of the container and regularly trim the wick before use to prevent it from emitting black smoke. The container can be reused once the candle is finished and completed with others from the collection. Clean it with hot soapy water or in the dishwasher to remove any remaining wax.

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Trèfle Incarnat
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Trèfle Incarnat - Scented candle 50h

Scented candle Trèfle Incarnat - Floral notes 50h

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Scented candle Trèfle Incarnat - Floral notes 50h

€52 €75
Trèfle Incarnat - Scented candle 50h
Trèfle Incarnat - Scented candle 50h
Trèfle Incarnat - Scented candle 50h
Trèfle Incarnat - Scented candle 50h
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Strong in her ambitions, creative and patient, the aesthete Alix D. Reynis became a model maker, a latent passion for a craft to which she had previously been introduced. This professional change came after the birth of her fourth child, like a realisation for the self-taught law student. Alix devoted herself to sculpture for five years and returned to the notary's office. Meanwhile, by chance, she found a job as a construction manager. The creator then oscillates between two careers, one of the heart and the other of the mind.

In 2011, she took the plunge and created her eponymous brand. A way of shaking up the professional landscape she had been given and embracing a career that made sense, the legitimate joy of working with her hands.


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