Medal in 18 carats gold India


India Medal in 18 carats gold 

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The India necklace is a refined piece of jewelry inspired by the traditional jewelry of Rajasthan, an iconic region of India. This piece is a true tribute to the beauty and elegance of Indian culture. Made of vermeil, a superior quality alloy composed of solid silver and a thin layer of gold, this necklace offers incomparable shine and exceptional durability. It is adorned with a delicate flower, a symbol of nature and harmony, which adds a touch of grace and femininity to this exquisite piece.

Medal in 18 carats gold (1,7g)

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18-carat gold jewelry is made to order only within one month from the day of purchase.

The 18-carat gold medals are sold separately from the chain, it is up to you to complete your order

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18 carats gold
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Medal in 18 carats gold India

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Medal in 18 carats gold India

  • on order within 1 month

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